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Using the right kind of water

It is important that you use the right type of water for your indoor water fountain or indoor water wall. We highly recommend using distilled water over tap water.

Tap water can be harsh on your indoor water fountain or indoor water wall. Tap water contains calcium and other minerals and metals that will build up in your fountain over time. The metal components in tap water can over time discolor your indoor water wall or indoor water fountain. Not only can tap water leave spots on your fountain (that you will have to clean) it can also harm your pump. The tubes and the pump are susceptible to damage as well. If, however, you do decide to use tap water, use a water treatment to help alleviate the amount of harm it can do.

Distilled water is ideal for your indoor water wall or indoor fountain. Distilled water contains no minerals, metals or calcium and is pure for your fountain. Distilled water is easy to find and should be sold at your local grocery store.


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