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Fountain pumps are essential to any fountain, whether it be an indoor fountain or an outdoor fountain. Fountain pumps maintain the constant flow of water in the fountain and keep the fountain working.

Before buying or replacing your fountain pump there are some things you need to familiarize yourself with:

Head: the head of the pump is the vertical raise of the pump. The head height is the measured distance between the spout of the fountain (where the water will come out of) and the pool (where the water will flow into). This indicates how much the water will rise. For example, a 5" head means the pump is expected to pump water five feet high.

GPH: Gallons per hour, depends on height of your fountain

Pump Arc: the pump arc determines the amount of water volume that will be distributed into the fountain depending on the lift. For example: a fountain with a pump of 600 gph with zero lift will get 600 gph. But a fountain with a pump of 600 gph with a lift of 26" will get 300gph. However a fountain with no lift with a pump of 600gph will get very little water. It is okay to buy a pump wit more gph to produce more water.

Tubing: The tubing of a pump has two measures, the inside diameter and the outside diameter. Tubing with a thin inside diameter restricts water flow, so when water comes out of the spout it may look more like a small drizzle than flowing water. So be cautious of the inside diameter of the tubing. Also, you do not want to run the tube of the pump too far. The farther the water has to travel inside the tube, the smaller amount of water will come out. You do not want to cut down the amount of water from your fountain.

Another tip that will help you determine what type of pump to buy for your indoor fountain or outdoor fountain is the width. For every inch of width you want to carry 100gph. So a fountain that is 6" in width and two feet tall should have a pump 600 gph for two feet.


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