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Indoor and outdoor water features come in many different sizes, shapes & styles. Whether it is a small tabletop fountain, large fountains wall or large outdoor water feature they are pleasant to the sight and create a pleasant sound which transforms any setting. They are made of copper, stone, granite, slate, stainless steel, glass, acrylic...and the list goes on.

What style? clean & contemporary stainless steel & glass, rustic copper wall fountain,
zen style, mediteranean?

What type? tabletop fountain, wall fountain, floor or free-standing fountain or outdoor?

When you have decided on a style, type and your's time to determine the size of your indoor water feature.

Choosing a FOUNTAIN WALL can be quite a process. Some wall water falls are horizontal in shape. Some are vertical. Perspective is everything. Being able to "visualize" your fountain waterfall in its intended location is extremely important. You don't want a indoor wall fountain that is too small nor too big. Also, is there an electrical source in proximity to your wall mounted fountain?

Again, visualizing is very important. Sometimes it is good to have an assistant as well. Place an existing picture the size of the mounted fountain on the wall where the fountain will be located. Use tacks, masking tape, rope or even a cardboard box to visualize the wall mounted water fountain.

Choosing the right size TABLE TOP FOUNTAIN is a bit easier. If it is on your desk or other similar location, choose one that isn't too tall, thus obstructing your view. Nor, one that is too wide in a narrow location where someone could knock it over or cause the water to spill. Measure the location before you choose one.

FLOOR FOUNTAINS can be easily bumped into and knocked over as well. Rather than be out in the open, placing them near a wall or corner would be much safer. Again, use any means necessary to choose the proper size. A chair, plant or even boxes may be helpful to choose the right size fountain.

Outdoor Fountains are not normally limited by space constraints. Although weight at times can be an issue. So, consider the size once you determine its final location at what it is going to take to get it there.

How to size your fountain

Now that you have picked out your fountain- indoor wall fountain, wall fountain, floor fountain or tabletop fountain- you must determine the size you want. Your wall fountain size will depend on the vertical length and horizontal width of the walls. If your walls grant you more space vertically, then finding a vertical wall fountain will be ideal. If your walls are wider then finding a more horizontal wall fountain would be a better fit. Floor fountain sizes depend on how much floor space you have in your home or office. Tabletop fountains strictly depend on the width and size of your table or work space.

*Wall Fountains

Before ordering your wall fountains measure your walls. High reaching ceilings are best suited for more vertical wall fountains. Shorter ceilings with wide walls are best suited for horizontal wall fountains. If your walls are both long and wide then you have more flexibility on choosing your wall fountain. Wall fountains also allow you to embellish the dynamics of a room. A small horizontal fountain would look great on a wall with minimal space while still adding depth perception. A vertical wall fountain can embrace the walls adding new depth and perspective.

The actual depth of the wall fountain must also be taken into consideration. If you want to hang your wall fountain in a tight hallway or walkway, measure carefully so people will not bump into it.

-How will it look?

After you have found your ideal wall fountain on and the wall you will like to hang the fountain on, try it out! Use tape or push pins and the measurements of the wall fountain, tack pins or tape on the wall imitating the corners of the wall fountain. This will outline the shape of the fountain, its proportion to the wall and give you a general feel for how your wall fountain will look.

*Tabletop Fountains

When determining the size of your tabletop fountain for your office or home, you need to know the diameter of the tabletop fountain. If your table is too small for the diameter of the tabletop fountain then you must choose a smaller fountain or another table to place it on. Once you find a table to support the diameter of your tabletop fountain then you may place a similar object on the table with the same diameter to get a feel for how your tabletop fountain will look.

*Floor Fountain

Again, the most important measurement in deciding where to place your floor fountain is the diameter. You need to have enough floor space so the floor fountain, from top to bottom so the width of the floor fountain will comfortably fit. As with the tabletop fountain, to get an idea of how the fountain will look, find a similar object that matches the measurements and place it where you want the floor fountain to go. In choosing where you place your floor fountain, think about what you want your fountain to enhance and place it appropriately in the home or office.


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