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Throughout time water has been the essence of life, providing peace, relaxation and a deep interconection with nature iteself. A stream, brook, river, or cascading waterfall soothes the soul and brings light to our hectic lives. Especially in todays fast paced society, technology drowing out pure inner desires, an indoor or outdoor water feature will bring much delight and help us focus on what is truly important and nourishing to our souls.

Everyday, people acquire fountain waterfalls for a multiplicity of reasons outside of aestetics...

Water fountain features cool the air and release negative ions. Water when mixed with air causes evaporation and a cooling affect. The more active and interaction between air & water, the greater the affect to cool. A fountain that tends to spray or gurgle more will no doubt create a greater cooling affect than a calm pond or lake. Negative ions affects moods, concentration, cleans the air and brings a sense of tranquility. No wonder we feel so good around them!

Water Fountains are a natural humidifier, which helps with your hair, skin, breathing and cause your plants to flourish. Why have a noisy unpleasant machine like humidifier, when an indoor wall water fountains can create it naturally and be pleasant.

Wall Mounted Fountains are also used for noise reduction. The pleasant sound of water will no doubt mask unnatural unharmonious noises in any indoor environment. or outdoor environment. Whether a wall fountain in an office or .landscape water features outdoors, water fountain features are used to reduce unpleasant sounds and draw usin to our interanl rythym of tranquility and balance.

Many people search for feng shui fountains and find our store to have just what they need. Used in meditation and as a sanctuary, fountains are an excellent cure of stress and blockages taking ourselves on an internal journey where balance can be attained. Also see Water features Pond Fountains. A copper wall fountain, tabetop fountain, floor fountain or outdoor garden feature can help achieve the peace, tranquility...serenity we all desire.

An Indoor water features or outdoor water fountain features can enhance any home or office setting. A piece of water art that delights the senses and relaxes the soul. Commercial Water Features are abudant for good reason. Water truly transforms any setting. Visit our fountain wall section for a numerous selection that can be custom engraved or etched with your corporate logo..



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